Executive Leadership Program

About the Program

The Executive Leadership Program is designed to deepen the impact and influence GWSCPA Members have within their organizations. Content is driven by the current environment and the needs of attendees. Participants are working on real goals, experiencing content for themselves in a useful way while learning and using tools that will advance their organization.

This program is highly interactive and delivered over time to engage and support participants in a deep and sustainable way. Each session is intentionally designed to engage participants in discussion and application of the material into their day to day challenges. This year the program will be delivered atleast for the first half of the year in an Interactive Virtual Environment.

For more information, contact Joanne Randall, joanne@sojournpartners.com 

Learning Objectives

  • Increase your confidence as a key contributor to the leadership team and to the health of your organization
  • Customize your communication so you can learn how you reach different types of people and inspire them into action
  • Create an inclusive environment that allows for creativity, diverse thinking and problem solving
  • Let go of doing it all and engage others in driving the mission
  • Sustain yourself and others through long-term obstacles and challenges
  • Remove drama and chaos by understanding yourself, others and the system you are working within
  • Move yourself and others through the transitions of change as smoothly as possible
  • Drive strategy while bringing teams into alignment towards business goals
  • Understand the culture of organizations and the interconnection of these systems to set sustainable paths for the future
  • Build a network of like-minded peers for future support and mentorship

Interactive virtual sessions include the following

  • Facilitated lessons and discussions of content
    • Larger Group Discussion and Instruction: Facilitator presents material & ensures whole group collaboration
    • Virtual Easel Work: Small Breakout Rooms: 2-4 participants deepen and apply learning by either practicing skills on real-time challenges or integrating material into something that will be applied back in their workplace
  • Consistent support and accountability while applying material in-between meetings
  • Peer to Peer: mentorship, collaboration and connection
  • Handouts and additional resources
  • Individual coaching around material as needed


Sojourn Partners is a conscious company on its own development path. We have “Partners” in our name because we believe in collaborating with community stakeholders to achieve their vision. Our multi-disciplinary team has been delivering leadership development for over 20 years to empower leaders in their own evolution by providing enhanced tools, fresh paradigms and skill-building opportunities to cultivate more aware, focused and thriving organizations.

For more information, contact Joanne Randall, joanne@sojournpartners.com