14 Marketing Tips To Attract More Tax Preparation and Accounting Clients

14 Marketing Tips To Attract More Tax Preparation and Accounting Clients

Certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax preparers who own their own small businesses have A LOT on their plates. On top of everything that comes with running a business — paying bills, hiring qualified employees, keeping up with new tax laws — you need to MARKET your tax services.

Well, I hope I can make that last one easier on you… More specifically:

Marketing your accounting and tax preparation services during tax season.

You know, this stuff…

You may be racking your brain for accountant marketing ideas, thinking you can’t out-market all of the big-budget advertising behind the tax powerhouses (ahem, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt).

But guess what?

You can certainly market SMARTER. (And guess what else? If you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track!)

I’m going to lay out an easy-to-follow tax preparer marketing plan to help guide you to your most booming tax season ever.

Let’s go!

1.) Send a Tax Postcard to the People Who are 12 Times More Likely to Use Your Services.

For accountant marketing, your current tax clients are your best target. They’ve already given you the ultimate vote of confidence — their money!

They just need to be REMINDED that you filed their income taxes before and that it’s time to file again.

An existing customer is 12 times more likely to ask you to prepare their taxes again than a prospect, according to Marketing Metrics. If you don’t market to them, you’re flat-out leaving money on the table!

Hopefully you have a database of your tax and accounting clients with contact information. If not, it’s time to sort through all of those previous years’ returns and create one.  

Sending personalized postcards is a good way get their attention and tell them they’re a valued client. Plus, they’re more likely to keep your income tax postcard as a reminder to actually call your office to get started on their filing!

Using Variable Data Printing, personalized postcards customize the elements of the design based on the attributes of the recipient — their name, gender, etc.

Something else to consider:

You can add a magnet to the back of your tax mailer that encourages customers to pop it right on the fridge. Read more on CPA Practice Advisor.