Advocacy is a critical component of the GWSCPA's history, current strategic plan and ongoing commitment to our members.  There is no other organization currently protecting the interests of CPAs specifically in the District of Columbia.

The GWSCPA has worked hard to position ourselves as a resource to the DC Council, the Mayor’s office, the Board of Accountancy and the Office of Tax and Revenue, which allows us to help protect the interests of CPAs who are located in DC, as well as our members who serve clients based in DC. Our staff and volunteer leadership attend every DC Board of Accountancy meeting, and are working with the Board very closely, including on a joint task force. We successfully fought a consolidation of professional licensing boards which would have had one board overseeing seventeen disparate professions in the city. 


The GWSCPA keeps our members informed of potential legislative and regulatory issues that will impact them and their businesses. 

There are always new concerns arising for the wider business community that we regularly monitor and report on to ensure that our members are kept up to date, and to allow us to identify potential areas of concern early. 

During 2014, we reported weekly on the deliberations of the DC Tax Revision Commission, provided resource material to the Commission and wrote two position papers on proposed changes once the recommendations were issued. We have been the early warning system to our members regarding recent Nonprofit Corporation law changes, Ban the Box legislation and the DC Wage Theft Prevention Act Amendment. 

In addition to tracking local issues through our state CPA society counterparts and AICPA, we also monitor legislation in other states that is trending, as well as Federal issues on the horizon. 


We take action if the interests of the profession are threatened. 

Perhaps our biggest legislative accomplishment in the past decade was CPA license mobility, enacted in DC in 2012, following the yearlong mobilization of our grassroots base of members. This battle was hard won, and we dedicated significant time and effort into getting DC to become the 50th jurisdiction in the country to adopt mobility. 

On a regular basis, our various committees and sections are representing the profession by responding on behalf of the society and our membership to exposure drafts from FASAB, FASB, OMB, and others. Our members are well respected and these responses have impact.


The GWSCPA enjoys strong ongoing relationships with policymakers, administrators, regulators and various other partners. 

One of the most important forms of advocacy we undertake for our members is less direct than lobbying for a particular piece of legislation. The strategic alliances that have developed over the years and continue to cultivate are with the regulators who our profession engages with, and the other partner groups who themselves wield influence in the spaces in which our members work. Our goal is to promote the best interest of our members, not only by making their jobs less burdensome, but also by elevating the profile of this society, this profession and all of our members.