GWSCPA Introduces GWSCPA Connect!

GWSCPA Introduces GWSCPA Connect!

For a few months now, GWSCPA has been developing an online member community in order to facilitate more connection between members, and to allow for sharing of discussions and professional resources in one place. While it was our intent to launch that as part of a larger organizational brand refresh this spring, we have decided that these extraordinary times warrant an early release of this platform.  

So today, we are launching GWSCPA Connect (and by doing so, a “soft launch” of our new brand).

We hope you will use this portal to stay connected to your peers while you adjust to your new work realities, while we endure stressful times together, and while we all try to press on in our professional lives. We also hope you will bear with us during these first few days as this is new to us too, and there will inevitably be kinks to work out in the system.

For now we will only be launching one Open Forum, which includes all 3,500+ members. All members will be set to receive immediate emails when any new discussions/replies are posted . If you wish to change that setting, or need help, there is a User Guide available on the landing page, and staff will be standing by to assist at 202-347-3050 or . 


Get started quickly and easily with this handy User Guide:

Download here