IRS Warns Preparers about Protecting Electronic Filing IDs

IRS Warns Preparers about Protecting Electronic Filing IDs

The IRS urged tax professionals in an email Wednesday to verify their Electronic Filing Identification Number activity to safeguard against tax fraud.

The IRS noted that tax preparers need to protect both their EFIN and ETIN (Electronic Transmitter Identification Number, as well as passwords, from unauthorized use. A preparer’s EFIN is not transferable and cannot be shared with others outside their firm or sold, the IRS noted. “Even if you transfer your business by sale, gift or other disposition, you may not transfer your EFIN,’ said the IRS.

The IRS urged tax preparers to take time to review their e-file application to verify the number of returns they have transmitted and to ensure it has not been compromised.

To ensure an EFIN is not compromised, the IRS said preparers should check their EFIN status page within their e-file application comparing their records to the returns filed to help protect their EFIN. To do this, log into the e-file application through e-services and make sure the summary of the volume and activity of the returns e-filed in the last two years matches the preparer’s own records.

If preparers have any concerns, or if they notice any discrepancies, they should call the e-help desk at 866-255-0654. Source: Accounting Today