Government Accounting and Auditing Section - Using GAO’s Fraud Risk Management Framework


1.0 Credits

Fraud poses a significant risk to the integrity of federal programs and erodes public trust in government. Managers of federal programs maintain the primary responsibility for enhancing program integrity and managing fraud risks. Proactive fraud risk management is meant to facilitate a program’s mission and strategic goals by ensuring that taxpayer dollars and government services serve their intended purposes. GAO’s Fraud Risk Management Framework provides a comprehensive set of leading practices that serve as a guide for program managers to use when developing or enhancing efforts to combat fraud in a strategic, risk-based manner.


This session will present an overview of GAO’s Fraud Risk Management Framework, including

·                     how the Framework relates to other federal efforts, including the Fraud Reduction and Data Analytics Act;

·                     how GAO developed the Framework;

·                     how federal program managers and others can use the Framework;

·                     the main components of the Framework; and

·                     guidance for assessing fraud risks.

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