Accounting and Operations Associate


Job description

Reporting to the VP of Accounting, the Accounting and Operations Associate will be responsible for ensuring that communications and payments to our charity partners happen efficiently. S/he will work closely with our Communications Executive on charity mailings and our Accountant on check payments and accounting. S/he will also assist our VP of Accounting on accounts payable and payroll activities.

The Accounting and Operations Associate’s specific responsibilities will include:  


  • Manage “return to sender” mail daily to ensure it is appropriately logged and outsourced vendor can research new mailing addresses for grant recipients;
  • Ensure all checks are received by the appropriate grant recipient, including:
    • Re-mailing “return to sender” checks as necessary,
    • Ensuring communications are sent to charities that have not cashed checks;
  • Coordinate PPGF databases to ensure charities that cannot be contacted are put on hold from receiving further donations;
  • Support efforts to enroll charities with large grants payable;
  • Suggest, plan, and help to implement process improvements and automation in order to reduce manual effort and potential for human error;


  • Update vendor files for US and UK charities that do not cash grant checks or otherwise need to be removed from PPGF databases;
  • Coordinate with UK Controller to make electronic payouts to largest unenrolled UK charities;
  • Manage payout “fails” and “holds” lists monthly in US and UK, and research which charities can be paid and which may require reassignment;
  • Support product team in reassigns process by receiving updated charity recommendations from donors and reassigning transactions in accounting system;
  • Assist in communication to charities related to special payouts and monthly Humble Bundle payouts;
  • Research PayPal employee matching gifts contributions to PPGF, deposit checks, and post accounts payable entries;
  • As necessary, assist Controller in payroll, benefits administration, and accounts payable activities.  

The Accounting and Operations Associate will also be expected to perform other duties deemed necessary to support the effective operations of the organization.



The Accounting and Operations Associate will be an efficient and fastidious worker. S/he will have experience in prompt and accurate data logging, as well as familiarity with the basic rules and operations of non-profit accounting.


The Accounting and Operations Associate will have the following experience and attributes:

  • A minimum of a BS in Accounting or related field.
  • Excel power user, including familiarity with filters, pivot tables, and vlookups.
  • Experience working in accounting software is required; knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics GP is preferred.


Personal style

  • Proactive, with evidence of having owned and delivered in key business process tasks.
  • Strong data analysis skills.
  • A collaborative and flexible style, able to handle ambiguity and dependencies on external organizations, with a strong service mentality.
  • A team-player with integrity
  • An effective communicator, with strong oral and written skills.


The Accounting and Operations Associate will also be able to demonstrate a commitment to the values and working behaviors of PayPal Giving Fund.


  1. We are open to change: we are flexible and respond positively and quickly to changes in our environment, communicating and coordinating to stay on top of things
  2. We're transparent and inclusive: we share relevant information and involve people in shaping our ideas.
  3. We're practical and results-focused: we take ownership of our work, solve problems for customers, and prioritize effective and streamlined delivery
  4. We learn: we develop expertise ourselves, and actively search for new sources of expertise to help us grow.
  5. We’re a team: we show togetherness and support each other to improve every day


 It is the practice of PayPal Giving Fund to examine job descriptions from time to time and to update them as necessary in consultation with the post-holder.