GWSCPA Introduces

GWSCPA Connect is an online member community that allows you to ask and respond to questions, collaborate, and share with fellow members.


Get started quickly and easily with this handy User Guide:

download here. 

Learn how to:
1. Change your profile picture
2. Update your profile information and settings
3. Import a profile from LinkedIn
4. Post Discussions 
5. Send Private Messages
6. Search and Join groups

1. How to Upload a Profile Picture

To upload or change the profile picture, there are two options:

Click on the current profile picture, or  
Click on the My Account drop down menu and select My Profile.
Next, click on the green pencil on right side of the current picture. 
Click on Choose File. Which will open the search file manager in your device.
Select a picture and press Upload.
Use the slider to zoom in and out of the picture and drag the picture to center it. 
Select Crop or No Thanks if you do not wish to crop the picture.

2. How To Update Profile Information

Update your summary and profile picture so other people know who you are. Select Update Profile. This will open Account settings. There are several tabs which are as follows:

Under the first tab, Accounts, update your email, password, time zone or location. 
Remember to Save Changes.
Under Personal tab, change the Background image.
Add the RSS feed to a personal blog, or write a short description about yourself and your interests.
Save Changes
In the Professional tab, update job position, company name, certifications and job history.
Add social media handles (link to personal profiles) for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 
Remember to Save
The last tab is Notifications: Here you can opt in/out of receiving emails and notifications.

3. How to Import Linkedin Profile
For convenience you can import your LinkedIn profile.

Under My Profile, select Import profile
Select the platform of the profile to import, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter.
After making a selection, the next window will prompt a login using the credentials for respective profile.
Check items to import.

4. How to Post a Discussion
Posting discussions is the primary form of communication in the community.

On the left hand menu under My Account, select Post a New Discussion.
A new form will open where to submit the post.

The fields may be filled out as follows:
The first drop down is to select which group to post the discussion to.
The second line is for the subject of the message.
The middle box is to fill the details of the post
Attach a picture or file from your computer or device.
Click Post to submit the discussion.

5. How to Send a Private Message
You can easily send private messages to one or more contacts if you don’t want to post a discussion to one of your groups.

Look under My Account, in the left menu. Click on My Messages
Select Compose Message.

The first field is for the subject line of the message.
The second field is for the contact name.
Start typing the first few letters of the contact name and the field will begin to populate with matches. 
In the body of the message include the details of the message.
Attach files
To send the message click Send Message.

6. How to Find and Join Groups
For now, we are only launching one member group – Open Forum. This group is visible to all GWSCPA Members. Soon we will launch additional groups based on interest areas or participation in Committees or Sections.