Are YOU part of the Great Resignation?

Are YOU part of the Great Resignation?

We are all hearing a lot these days about the “Great Resignation” and seeing the effects of worker shortages in our daily lives. Americans are quitting their jobs at historic rates, and while the accounting profession is not at the top of the list for turnover, we are certainly seeing trends in this area and hearing concerns about difficulty filling positions. Experts are struggling to figure out what is driving this across our economy, and whether it is a short term issue or part of a larger sweeping change.  

We want to understand too, and so we are turning to our members to tell us. Please take just a few minutes to click through to this very brief survey which simply asks whether you have recently, or are thinking about, leaving your job and why. Your answers to these questions, especially if you are among those making a change, could help employers to understand what they need to do differently to keep and attract talent. It could also help us at GWSCPA to understand what supports and advocacy our members need from us to thrive in this profession.

This survey is 100% anonymous; therefore we can’t offer an incentive for you to participate. However, your candid answers will be important for everyone to see so we will compile a report and make it available to all members on November 1st. Please be part of this effort by sharing your perspective and motivations.  


Kari Bedell
Executive Director