Women's Leadership Roundtable Authentic Leadership Presence
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1.0 Credits

Initially our competence wins us leadership responsibilities.  However, as we ascend the leadership ladder our “inner game,” the way in which we think about ourselves and the environment we are operating in, has more to do with our success than anything else.  And yet, almost all of our focus and certainly the majority of leadership development is focused on the outer game of leadership.  This conversation addresses the Inner Game of leadership - its fears and doubts, challenges and opportunities and the aspects unique to women leaders.  What is authenticity in the leadership context?  How do we define it?  Use it?  Lose it?  And ultimately win it back in a way that it will never leave us again?
Join Gretchen Pisano, Executive Coach and CEO of pLink Leadership to explore the practices of Authentic Leadership, identify what you are bringing to your leadership and what you are holding back. Build resilience, cultivate courage, compassion and connection and enable leaders to define their unique brand of authentic leadership. Perhaps the greatest challenge of the leadership journey is to find strength and creativity through vulnerability rather than around it, for this conversation is where that exploration gets real.