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Membership Type

Select the one that most closely applies to you:
Regular Member


A member of the faculty of a college or university.

Business and Industry

A person not employed in a CPA firm, but whose employment is with an industry or business entity.

Financial Services

A person who is employed by a business that supports the accounting/finance industry, for example banking, staffing, technology, etc.

Firm Partner/Sole Practitioner

A person employed by a CPA firm in the role of Partner, Managing Partner, Shareholder, etc.

Firm Staff

A person employed in a role at a CPA firm with a role below Partner.


A person employed by the local, state or federal government.



A person not employed in a CPA firm, but whose employment is at a not-for-profit organization.


A person who is retired or who is not currently employed.

Young and Emerging Professional

If you are under 35 or have less than 5 years of experience, you may select this rate for up to 3 consecutive years.  After 3 years, you must select the next appropriate category.  


If you are enrolled in a full-time graduate or undergraduate accounting degree program, you may select this rate.  

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