2019 Women's Leadership Conference

2019 Women's Leadership Conference (WLC19)

Friday, May 3, 2019 / Washington, DC



Event Status: OPEN

Event ID: #WLC19

CPE: 7.5 credits

Total Price: $349.00

The Women’s Leadership Section of the GWSCPA is a large and diverse group of members coming together with common goals: to advance the standing of all women in the profession, to empower each other to be our professional best, to motivate each other in our leadership goals, and to support each other through personal and professional transformations. This community continues to grow and help today’s women leaders, and future leaders, to thrive. 2019 is the TIME to Thrive!
T.I.M.E. to Thrive: Transformation, Inclusion, Motivation and Empowerment
We hope you will join us this year for an exciting program, and that you will bring the other women in your office with you as well. This is going to be a powerful day that you won’t soon forget!

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Friday, May 3, 2019
General Sessions

Registration and Breakfast

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Winning at Life: The Art and Science of Healthy Striving

Alexis Robin
COO / PLink Leadership
Frederick, MD

The Theory of Well-being is the antidote for the fragmented, scattered, over-busy pace of the 21st century, and an essential competency for professionals who are going to thrive in this marketplace. This workshop will have participants thinking about how they show up, who they are as leaders, and how to bring their best self to the task and their colleagues.

Learning Objectives: 
Applied a new perspective to happiness, purpose, and achievement 
Built a framework for investing oneself wisely 
Formed the connection between individual well-being and vibrant leadership 
Acquired an approach that can be taught to others

Session Break

Maximize your Professional Brand

Valerie Rippetoe


Did you know that based on your appearance, you can be accepted or rejected in less than 30 seconds? The choices you make before you leave the house every day can reinforce or diminish how you are perceived in the eyes of your employers, colleagues and clients. When you walk into a room looking put together, you gain a non-verbal advantage. Your professional image matters. “Professional attire” used to be easy to define. Today, this means different things to different companies. Using real examples, Valerie will discuss what is appropriate in the workplace today under a variety of dress codes, including business attire, business casual and casual Fridays.

Valerie has been working with two volunteers, Megan and Tracy, over the past three months. She will share every step of the makeover process and why their looks were chosen. And as a bonus, Valerie will share the “must haves” for Spring 2019 and show you how to incorporate them into your professional wardrobe.

Lunch and Networking

Managing Up, Down, & Across: Working Successfully with Any Type of Boss

Mary Abbajay
President & CEO / Careerstone Group LLC
Washington, DC

Whether we like it or not, our bosses, colleagues, and clients have enormous influence over our ability to succeed, thrive, and advance in our organizations, in our careers and in our own leadership journey. Establishing strong, productive working relationships with those above us, next to us, and below us in critical to achieving success in any organization. Whether you are working with managers, colleagues, leaders, staff, stakeholders, or clients–managing up, down, and across is a skill that we all need. 

This lively, interactive presentation provides proven strategies and techniques to increase cooperation and collaboration between those who have different power levels, perspectives, needs, wants, and personalities. Learning to effectively manage your relationships up and across–is good for you, good for your boss, good for your peers, and good for your organization. Topics and takeaways include:

• Recognize different workplace styles and explore adaptive strategies for communicating and collaborating with each style
• Develop strategies for working effectively with supervisors and peers
• Understand and manage the personality differences that impact workplace relationships
• Increase ability to influence people in positional power
• Develop strategies for working effectively with difficult personality types
• Take ownership for one's own professional success

Session Break

Giggers, Zers and Other Mysteries of the Future Workshop: Strategies to Build a Workforce of the Future

Shaara Roman
Founder & Managing Partner / The Silverene Group
Washington, DC


Undoubtedly, automation and artificial intelligence will have profound effects on our workforce. What will jobs look like down the road? What impact will the gig economy have on our workforce? How will Gen Z upend the workplace? Do you have the leadership and management skills required to lead the workforce of the future?  Shaara draws on her experience as a former HR executive from best-in-class companies and shares strategies to build and engage a workforce of the future.

Session Break

You and #MeToo: Workplace Harassment in a New Era

Sherron T. McClain
Of Counsel / Fisher & Phillips LLP
Bethesda, MD

#MeToo is a social media movement calling attention to sexual abuse and harassment. It emerged as a response to sexual abuse allegations against Hollywood and media figures, but has revived and reinvigorated workplace harassment discussions. In this session we will discuss how to identify, respond to, and prevent harassment in the workplace against the backdrop of #MeToo.

Closing Remarks

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FHI 360
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