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About Us

The Greater Washington Society of CPAs serves to advance the conditions, interests and public recognition of CPAs and Non-CPA members in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.  Founded in 1923 as the CPA society for the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Society's purpose is broad in scope. Membership in the GWSCPA is open to all accountants holding valid CPA certificates from any U.S. State or Territory, as well as non-CPA accounting and financial professionals from government, not for profit associations, academia and other eligible categories.

GWSCPA Mission Statement

A strong accounting profession plays a critical role in a thriving economy and nation. We know there is strength in numbers: we achieve more together, propelling career success for finance & accounting professionals.  


To be the most valued resource for accounting professionals in the greater DC area. 

GWSCPA Strategic Goals
  1. Provide quality professional education which reflects member needs
  2. Advocate for our members, the CPA profession and the public interest
  3. Engage and advance our members community through a myriad of services and activities
  4. Achieve and maintain operational excellence

GWSCPA Core Values

  • Integrity: our actions reflect our profession-we work with integrity, ethics and dependability.
  • Community: we value diverse perspectives, experiences and professional roles/settings in our society.
  • Collaboration: we work together to design and execute programs with our members and partners.
  • Professional Opportunities: we make our members more successful leaders in this profession.
  • Learning: we learn from and with each other and our programs keep our members at the forefront of the profession.


Most recent financial statements for:

Greater Washington Society of CPAs FY21 Form 990

GWSCPA Educational Foundation FY21 Form

*FY21 = July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021)