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Why Join

Greater Washington Society of CPAs (GWSCPA) membership brings your professional success full circle by connecting the dots to leading-edge learning, peer connection and opportunities to further develop as a leader. We know times are uncertain, but you can be certain of us now and into the future. 

With an investment in GWSCPA membership you can:

  • Reach professional insider status by accessing highly-relevant resources, continuing education and certificate programs.
  • Gain support along your career journey via an array of growth opportunities, leadership development and peer collaboration.
  • Access your CPE Tracker, the hub to reference all your learning in one place  now and upon license renewal.

Belong to a peer network of nearly 3,600 like-minded members conveniently located for networking, collaboration and insight.

  • Join in meaningful conversations and make a difference in specialized areas through Section involvement.
  • Utilize the online forum to pose questions and virtually connect to your professional community.
  • Be a part of GWSCPA's strategic direction through committee involvement, organizational governance and contributing speaker expertise.
  • Serve as a trusted advisor for an external board or committee  and hire your next future leader via our job postings.

Dues Rates

Membership TypeCostDescription
Firm Partner$430Partners in public accounting or sole practitioner
Firm Staff$325Public accounting firm staff, not partners
Business/Industry$325Working in corporate commercial setting
Nonprofit$325Working in a nonprofit organization
Government$135Working in federal, state or local government
Academic$135Working as a teacher of accounting or related courses
Financial Services/Affiliate$430Financial advisors, bankers, staffing, independent consultant
Retired$135Substantially retired from employment
Student$0Undergraduate or graduate accounting student
YEA Introductory$135Available for up to 5 years for staff who are under 35 and in their first 5 years of profession
Ready to Join?


Interested in your entire firm or organization joining and getting added benefits? Find out more here.