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Student Outreach

The GWSCPA is committed to promoting the benefits of the CPA profession for the next generation and improving financial literacy in the Greater Washington area. We do this through educational presentations, a partnership with the Junior Achievement Finance Parks,  as well as promoting the CPA profession through outreach to area schools.

Interested in volunteering with us at a JA Finance Park? See the full schedule here:

JA Finance Park is a public/private nonprofit collaboration between our region’s school systems, businesses, educators and volunteer mentors who come together to inspire, guide and teach students how to be financially capable and ready to take on their futures. From goal-setting to saving, budgeting, shopping and bill paying, students experience what it really takes to successfully navigate today’s complex economy and they come face-to-face with how their decisions today can impact their future.  

JA Finance Park volunteers help guide small groups of middle-school students through a personal budgeting simulation – helping them understand their assigned family scenario and the budgeting process, and encouraging students as they then purchase items to meet the needs of their family, such as insurance, clothing, transportation, housing, groceries, and childcare—without spending more than they earn.