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Becoming a CPA

The Greater Washington Society of CPAs (GWSCPA) is the professional association for CPAs in the Greater Washington DC area. For students and career-starters, we are here to help you, any way we can, on your journey to becoming a CPA, and establishing yourself in the profession. Student membership is free for those currently enrolled in a college or university. We also have a Young and Emerging Accountants category of membership, this is open to those with less than 5 years of experience and/or under the age of 35. 

The GWSCPA is dedicated to fostering communication, creating learning opportunities and providing  a large, helpful support network of nearly 3,600 members . We are committed to helping you start your career, and want you to have the best foundation possible. 

As a member of GWSCPA , you receive:

  • Discounts on CPA Exam Review courses
  • Ability to post your resume in the GWSCPA Career Center
  • GWSCPA Weekly Newsletter
  • Free attendance at section, task force and GWSCPA amplified sessions
  • Networking opportunities with both young and seasoned employees

Looking for more resources? 

Maybe you’re already in the process of becoming a CPA — or maybe you’re trying to decide if it’s the right path for you. Either way, AICPA has launched a new website to provide the clarity and direction you need to reach your destination. 

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Ready to take the next step in your career? 

Don't wait any longer and join GWSCPA today to take advantage of all these benefits and more.