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Member Spotlight

Meet Paul Preziotti, CPA, Partner at Johnson Lambert and GWSCPA Board Member

How were you inspired to pursue a career in Accounting?  

I took an accounting class in high school and felt it was something I had an aptitude for.  I also enjoyed the problem solving aspect of accounting.   I took more classes related to it in college and that inspired me to continue the journey.

What is something that has been unexpected about your career path or what is a common misconception about accounting?  

A common misconception about accounting is that it is all about numbers or math.  That is far from the truth.  Like any business, a lot of the accounting business is about relationships.

Considering your particular journey with GWSCPA, what would you tell a young or aspiring CPA about the value of becoming a member?  

The GWSCPA played a significant role in developing my network in the Greater Washington area.  It helped me to cement relationships that have played a big role in my professional career.  And it also provided me with opportunities that gave me valuable experience and allowed me to build skills I may not have otherwise developed.

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